You Can Get Your Questions Answered at Chula Vista Bail Bond Store

A loved one’s arrest can be shocking and confusing. You can get your questions answered by calling 619-239-2245 or visiting a local bail agent in 801 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101.

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Has the recent arrest of your friend or family member left you in a state of shock and confusion? If so, do not panic. You have friends at Chula Vista Bail Bond Store. Our professional bail agents can answer any of your questions. Chances are, the questions you have, are the as the ones we face on a daily basis. Here are just a few of the questions that we can answer for you.

  • Who can bail out my friend?
    Anyone who cares about your friend can bail him or her out of jail. You do not have to be related to someone to bail him or her out of jail.
  • Can you bail my friend in Nevada out of jail?
    No. Chula Vista Bail Bond Store is only licensed to bail people out of jail in California. If you want to bail someone you will need to contact a bail agent in that state.
  • What happens if I do not bail out my friend or family member?
    Your loved one stays in jail until he is either found innocent and released, or found guilty and sentenced. Until then, he or she will go to all court appearances in an orange jumpsuit.
  • If I cannot bail somebody out immediately, up to how many days do I have to bail them out of jail?
    There is no time limit to bailing a friend or family member out of jail. Your loved one can be bailed out of jail until he or she has been sentenced.
  • Can you tell me what my friend or family member was arrested for?
    Yes, we can. Just give us your friend or family member’s name, birthday, and the county of arrest. We use that information to find your loved one in the system.

If you have these questions, or questions like them, do not be afraid to talk to one of our bail agents. Our knowledgeable and professional bail agents can walk you through the entire bail process, and they will be happy to do so. Talk to one of our professional bail agents at Chula Vista Bail Bond Store and put your mind at ease.

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