Have You Noticed All of the Colors? The Spring Flowers Have Arrived in California

Have You Noticed All of the Colors? The Spring Flowers Have Arrived in California!

Have You Noticed All of the Colors? The Spring Flowers Have Arrived in California

With the Sun blessing California with its warm rays, it was only a matter of time before we started seeing colors grace the mountainsides. All the rain that we experience and all the muddy shoes we had to deal with have paid off. The first colors of spring have started to show with their bright greens, and more hues will soon follow. Spring brings out the flowers and when you know where to look, they can be truly enjoyed. There are several locations in California where you can go to look at the flowers.

Located in the Antelope Valley, there is a place called the Poppy Reserve. Every year the Poppy Reserve glows orange with the state flower. If you didn’t know, or forgot, California’s state flower is the California Poppy. Its orange satin flowers have a pansy look to them. The Poppy is a small flower that, when grown in large groupings, can make any mountainside glow like sunshine.

Bear Valley Wildflower Meadows is another location where you can be amazed by the spring flowers. Nestled by Yosemite National Park, Bear Valley is a sight to be held. Bear Valley is usually covered with snow in winter, but once the snow melts, the flowers come out. Bear Valley has endless fields of flowers like the Adobe Lily, California Poppy, and many more. The Adobe Lilly, also none as Fritillaria Pluriflora, looks like a smaller lily. They are commonly colored purple and stand out brilliantly against the orange of the poppies.

Finally another great location to soak in the glory of the spring flowers is at the Flower Fields of Gorman Hills. Gorman is located south of Bakersfield off of the 5 Freeway. It’s fairly close to the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve, so if you visit one, you can go to the other in the same day. The Flower Fields of Gorman Hills has poppies, but it also has Bentham Lupine. The lupine flowers grow in bushels and forms a spike with all the little flowers that towers over the other plants. They come in a wide variety of colors, adding to the enchantment of flowers.

Flowers are lovely and calming to look at. They grace the California hillsides every year and seem to disappear far too quickly. It’s just another reason why we’re so lucky to live in California. Grab the family and go flower-seeing this year. Just be prepared by bringing allergy medication, and watch out for bees.