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You Can Still Get Your Drinks To-Go

For as long as most of us can remember if you wanted to go out for a drink, you had ...
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California Cracking Down on Emotional Support Dogs

Emotional support dogs were never intended to take the place of service animals. When the idea of emotional support dogs ...
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Spend Valentine’s Day with your Sweetheart, Not a Cell Mate

If you think you got into trouble for not remembering to pick up a dozen roses for your sweetheart last ...
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Smoking in Your Car

Strictly speaking, you’re not prohibited from smoking cigarettes or vaping tobacco in your car. That doesn’t mean it’s a great ...
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Gambling in California

When it comes to gambling, California lawmakers want to make sure that they’re involved in it. It’s okay to play ...
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Vaping in California

Over the past ten or fifteen years, vaping has become extremely popular. There are several reasons for this, including the ...
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Brake Checking in California

“Brake check” is a term that refers to the act of someone slamming hard on their brakes while they’re driving ...
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Writing Bad Checks in California

We’ve all had a situation where we didn’t have as much money in our accounts as we thought we did ...
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Cycling Under the Influence

We hear a great deal about the dangers of drinking and driving. We understand that a single DUI can have ...
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Over-posting On Social Media While Vacationing?

Posting pics on social media has become synonymous with traveling and vacationing. We love to show our friends and family ...
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California’s Child Safety Seat Laws Keep Kids Safe

All of us know that young kids have to be strapped into a safety seat whenever they’re in a vehicle ...
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Most Common Reasons People Are Arrested During the Holiday Season

The holidays are here. For most of us, that means spending time with friends and family members we love. This ...
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Understanding Your Rights Following Your Arrest

Getting arrested in California is terrifying. Many people are so overwhelmed and confused that they don’t fully understand what their ...
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How to Find a Loved One in Jail

Finding out a loved one is arrested isn’t always an easy process. The good news is that the California penal ...
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Preventing Porch Piracy

You may not be familiar with the term “porch pirates” but it’s a pretty good bet that either you or ...
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Do I Have to Report a California Traffic Accident?

Most of us have a weird, knee-jerk reaction to traffic accidents. We like to pretend we don’t know about them ...
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Zero Interest Bail Bond in California

No one creates a budget that includes the possibility of bail. That means that you’re not financially prepared when you ...
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Tailgating in California

There are two types of tailgating in California. The fun kind involves loading up your pickup, gathering a bunch of ...
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Stay Safe Going into the New Year

Going out on the town and painting it red on New Year’s Eve always seems like a great way to ...
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Why We Might Request Collateral

Sometimes we will only ask you to pay a 10% fee in order to secure your bail bond. Other times ...
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