In California, you have the right to defend yourself, even if you’re not inside of your home at the time. The issue is dealt with in California’s self-defense laws which are more popularly referred to as Stand-Your-Ground laws.What the Stand-Your-Ground laws do is provide you with a way to hold tight and defend yourself from an attack. The law most commonly come into play when a person encounters a burglar inside their home, but they also come into play in parking lots, parks, lawns, public buildings, and even on the road.The idea behind the Stand-Your-Ground laws is that you should be able to defend yourself without having to worry about criminal prosecution.It’s important to understand that the Stand-Your-Ground laws don’t give you free rein to do whatever you want. You are still expected to use some common sense and to not use unnecessary force in response to a minor concern.In order to use the Stand-Your-Ground laws as self-defense, a few things have to happen.
  • You have to show that you could reasonably believe that your health, safety, or life was in danger during that specific moment
  • You had to genuinely believe that the degree of force you used in response to the threat was appropriate in the situation
  • You have to prove that you didn’t use an excessive amount of force given the nature of the threat