brawley bail bonds

If you are not trying to bail out a loved one because you think you cannot afford it, then you have been talking to the wrong bail bonds companies. At Brawley Bail Bond Store, we strive to make bail bonds more affordable for all of our clients. We offer discounts and payment plans and, unlike our competitors, we will never surprise you with hidden fees.

We are a family-owned company that has been helping the people of California since 1987. This is why we understand how hard it can be for families to bail out their loved ones. We have dealt with the problem many times, and so we started providing different ways to make bail bonds more affordable.

At Brawley Bail Bond Store, we offer discounts for clients who are homeowners, have a private attorney, or are members of the military or AARP. Instead of having to pay 10% of the bail, if you qualify for a discount, you only have to pay 8% of the bail. That is a 20% discount, which can add up to a lot of saved money for you and your family.

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We Do Not Cheat Our Clients at Brawley Bail Bond Store

brawley bail bonds

At Brawley Bail Bond Store, we are here to help our clients, not to try to squeeze every last bit of money that we can from them. Our competitors, however, will do whatever they can to make more money. One of their favorite tactics is to surprise their clients with hidden fees. This way, they can quote you a lower price, but then charge you more once you have signed the contract.

We never try to take advantage of our clients. We treat all of our clients with the dignity and respect that they deserve. We are a family-owned company and because of this, we treat bailing your loved ones out of jail the same way we do bailing out our own friends and family members.

Just because your loved one’s bail is high, does not mean that you cannot bail him or her out. At Brawley Bail Bond Store, we offer a variety of ways to make bail bonds cheaper and easier for our clients. We can work with you to come up with a payment plan that fits your budget so you do not have to pay one large amount all at once.

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