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The amount of bail is not only subject to the severity of the offense and crime, but also depends on the person’s criminal record, and other factors, like whether they are employed or not. Bail amount can also be different depending on where the crime happened or where the person is being charged (ie bail can vary state-to-state, etc.)

In San Diego, bail can range anywhere between a few thousand to a few million dollars. Below are some of the examples of how generally much a particular offense costs:

  • Penal code section 115, using false documents to conceal true citizenship – $50k
  • Penal code section 118, perjury – $25k
  • Penal code section 192a, voluntary manslaughter – $100k
  • Penal code section 192b, involuntary manslaughter – $50k
  • Penal code section 215, carjacking – $100k
  • Penal code section 470a and b, forgery/ counterfeiting driver’s license or ID card – $20k
  • Penal code section 597.5a, dog fighting – $20k
  • Penal code section 23152, 23153 driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs – $100k

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