Del Mar Bail Bond StoreTrying to bail a friend or family member out of jail can cause you to have a lot of questions. Most Californians have no idea how the bail bonds process works, and so they are at a loss when they need to rescue their loved one. If you have found yourself in such a situation, do not worry, our knowledgeable bail agents here at Del Mar Bail Bond Store can answer all of your questions.

What’s better; a bail agent or a bail bondsman?
These two titles may sound different, but they really mean the same thing. A bail agent is a bail bondsman and vice versa.

How much does a bail bond cost?
Pricing is dependent on the amount of the bail. In California, bail bonds companies charge 10% of the bail price. If your loved one’s bail is $10,000, then it will cost $1,000 to bail him or her out using a bail bonds company.

How much do I have to pay?
Again, cost depends on the price of the bail itself. Initially you need to pay 10%. Depending on your information, we may be able to offer discounts.

With interest, how much do I have to pay?
We do not charge interest, you only have to pay the 10%.

What is a co-signer?
A co-signer is anyone who is willing to sign for your loved one’s release. The signer is promising that all the money will be paid and that their loved one will go to all of their court dates.

How long does it take for my loved one to be released?
After the initial payment has been received, your loved one can be out in as little as 2 hours. However, the time varies from county to county. Time can vary anywhere from 2 hours to several, depending on the current workload of the jail.

Our agents can answer all of these and more for you. We have some of the best bail agents in the state of California working for us at Del Mar Bail Bond Store. When you come to us with questions, you will get the answers you are looking for. You can count on us to help you get your loved one bailed out of jail.

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Our Skilled Bail Agents Know What They Are Doing

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