Poway Bail Bond Store Services

No one expects to get arrested, and no one expects to get a call requesting help to be bailed out of jail, but should an instance arise (but we hope it won’t), it’s imperative to understand the process and what everything means. Here are a couple of commonly asked questions:

  1. What are Bails? A California bail is the amount of money paid to a court with promise to appear in court at a set date and time. The judge will decide the amount of bail based on criminal history, severity of crime, and other factors.
  2. What are Bonds? In the case the defendant cannot afford to pay the bail on his or her own, a bondsman can help by providing the court with type of insurance policy. The bondsman is then responsible to make sure the defendant shows up for court . In California (and all other states), there are regulations and restrictions regarding who can post bail for defendants.

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