Family Dinner Topics: So You’re Spending Time with Family

Family Dinner Topics: So You’re Spending Time with Family

Family Dinner Topics: So You’re Spending Time with Family

Family is tricky. It’s complicated to describe any family interaction. The thing about this group of people is you can’t choose them, yet you spend most of your life with them. You love them, and then love to hate them too. However, as you grow older you begin to notice more things about your family.

You may notice that you have different likes, opinions, and attitudes from other members in your family. Your parents might have completely different political views. You may have learned over time to avoid all political topics at family dinners. Even if you don’t see eye to eye about politics, you still care about these people and want to be able to have a civil dinner conversation.

Your siblings and you may not agree on each other’s lifestyles. You may like to call it a night early, and wake up in the morning to go running. Whereas your sibling may like to meet total strangers and stay out till 3 a.m. You might have several kids, and your sibling may absolutely hate kids for some unknown reason. Whatever your differences may be, they’re still your first friend from childhood.

Sure, there are hot topics that you will definitely want to avoid while sitting around the table. Staying clear of certain conversations during family dinners will help you have a smooth night.

The following topics are best to be avoided:

  • Abortion
  • The Presidency
  • The Death Penalty
  • Gun Laws
  • Immigration

While some families can handle the topics above, a large majority cannot. Large gatherings with family can become vicious if the conversation turns to one of these. It’s important to realize that, if for some reason, your family starts conversing over one of these topics words might get heated. Try not to take anything they say to heart, when discussing these topics. Hot topics got their name for a reason. People generally have strong opinions about them.

Topics that are reliable, and good to have over family dinners are easier to come across than you think. Being able to have deep conversations with you family is vital to your social wellness. Family conversations are great in helping you form opinions and gain information.

Here are some safe topics to discuss with your family:

  • Genealogy
  • Cultural Beliefs/Traditions
  • Jokes
  • Family Trips
  • Proudest Moments
  • Bullying

Family dinners are fun, but can be stressful as well when the conversation turns from something positive, to something negative. Even though we try to avoid saying things that might hurt someone else’s feelings, sometimes it just happens.

The good thing is that if you mess up with family conversations, you don’t have to worry. Your family will forgive you in time.