Bail Bond Co-Signers Have Rights Too


Before agreeing to co-sign a bail bond, you need to know some key important details. Like signing any contract, you want to know what you are getting, what you are responsible for, what you are allowed to do, and what consequences you might face if you don’t follow through accordingly. As a cosigner:

  • You are responsible for making sure the person out on bail goes to all of his or her court appointments
  • You are responsible for making sure the person out on bail meets all other court and bail bond-ordered terms, conditions, and requirements
  • You have the right to request certain conditions of the person’s release, such as having him or her take a drug test or psych evaluation
  • You are responsible for paying any financial consequences if the defendant fails to meet court appearances
  • You have the right to notify the bail bond company to let them know where the defendant is. The bail bond company will arrange for the police or a bounty hunter to retrieve the defendant
  • You have the right to retract your name from the bail bond, cancel the bail bond, and therefore have the defendant back in custody

It’s not fair for a co-signer to suffer all consequences, which is why the co-signer is allowed certain rights as stated above so they can protect themselves.

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