Bail Bond Store Are The Best Alternative To Paying Bail – Unless You Get ‘Own Recognizance’


Unless you are allowed to be released on own recognizance, bail bonds are the best alternative to paying bail. Being released on own recognizance means the defendant merely signs a paper acknowledging his or her promise to show up in court on the assigned date. They do not need to pay any bail amount.

However, not everyone is eligible to be released on own recognizance so they must either meet bail or sit in jail. Bail is expensive and the court certainly does not expect everyone to be able to pay this on their own, which is why bail bonds are the best, most affordable alternative.

Using a bail bond means contacting San Diego Bail Bond Store and paying them the 10% fee – 10% of the full bail amount. Then the San Diego Bail Bond Store bail agent will finalize the bond to send to the court. Paying 10% to the bail agency is much more desirable than paying 100% of it to the court – even rich people and celebrities opt for bail bonds!

San Diego Bail Bond Store is available for anyone and everyone who needs help bailing out of jail. To earn more call 619-239-2245.