Holiday Weekend DUI Checkpoints And What Happens At Them


If you plan on drinking over Labor Day Weekend, as always, drink responsibly. And make other decisions (such as driving) responsibly. You can certainly expect the police to dispatch more officers for the weekend and have additional DUI checkpoints set up. Some checkpoints may be announced early, and some you might know about.

What happens at a checkpoint is the officers will guide your car to the side of the road so they can check that you are not driving under the influence or drugs or alcohol. You will roll down your window and the following will occur:

  • You will present your driver’s license, car registration, and car insurance
  • You will be asked if you’ve been drinking tonight
  • You will be asked where you are headed
  • The officer will look for signs of intoxication like slurred speech, dilated and bloodshot eyes, smell of alcohol, coordination problems, etc.

If you appear to be alert, coherent, and driving safely, you can exit this checkpoint roadblock and head on home. Others may be asked to take a breathalyzer test or other sobriety test. Yet still for those who failed the checkpoint on every level, they can be detained for some time until they sober up. Then they may be allowed to leave or they may get arrested for drunk driving.

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Please exercise drinking and driving responsibly. All the time, not just Labor Day Weekend. But if you ever do end up needing a bail bond from San Diego Bail Bond Store. . .

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