San Diego Bail Bond Store Offers Flexible Bail Bond Plans


You got a call that someone you care deeply about has been arrested. You hung up and frantically starting searching and asking questions on what you need to do get them out of jail, what your first steps are. San Diego Bail Bond Store is here to explain the process and walk you through it:

  1. Give us the name of the person who was arrested and if you know it, where they were arrested and/ or are being held. We will use this information to get their booking information.
  2. Consider your financial situation, as well as that of the person who was arrested.
  3. We will lock down a bail bond payment plan that is most comfortable for you.
  4. Monthly rates at San Diego Bail Bond Store are always the lowest in the industry, and we require no down payment.
  5. Once the paperwork is completed, your agent will transfer the paperwork to the jail to be processed. Once that is done, your loved one is free to go home.
  6. You will need to make sure your loved one makes all of his or her court appearances and meets any other release-related terms and conditions.
  7. You must also make sure he or she does not violate any terms and conditions or get into trouble again.
  8. You will need to make your bail bond payments on time.

Because of our flexible plans, making your bail bond payments are easier here with San Diego Bail Bond Store than other bail agencies.

So, visit us online at San Diego Bail Bond Store or call us at 619-239-2245 to learn more and get a bail bond for your loved one!