What Juveniles Face vs. What Adults Face

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Legally, anyone 17 or younger is considered a juvenile. When a person turns 18, they become a legal adult. A lot people enjoy this time because they feel they have more freedom, and in some respects, they do. However, in addition to the fun that comes with turning 18, there are also added responsibilities. There […]

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New Gun Laws In California To Pay Attention To

There are three new gun laws that have been put into place in California when the year changed from 2015 to 2016. Toy guns will have more distinct markings so that the police can more easily distinguish them as toys. College campuses ban guns. This expands an existing law to include gun owners who hold […]

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Get Your Tax Refund To Pay For Bail

It’s nearing time to file tax refunds and as much of a headache it is, this time around you might be more compelled to get it in on time than years past. Why? Because you have a bail bond to pay off. You can certainly use your tax refund to help pay for bail for […]

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