The Booking Process: 9 Steps

San Diego Bail Bond StoreThe booking process, in legal jargon, happens after someone is arrested. It can take a few hours for the process to be completed, depending how many people are being booked, and how many items need to be completed for each person. In general, here is what can happen:

  1. The jail will take down the details of the crime and personal information of the defendant like name and birthdate.
  2. The defendant will take a series of mug shots.
  3. The defendant will be fingerprinted.
  4. The defendant will provide DNA samples, like saliva swabs.
  5. The defendant will undergo a full body (strip) search.
  6. The defendant will relinquish clothing that was worn during the time of arrest, and any other personal items they had. These items are bagged and stored in a locker until the defendant is released and can take them home.
  7. The jail will check for any outstanding warrants for the defendant. Most defendants who show to have warrants usually do not get bail.
  8. The jail will run a series of health tests on the defendant. This is for the safety and health of the other inmates and officers. Tests include blood tests and x-rays for TB, STDs, etc.
  9. The defendant will answer a series of questions, such as any gang affiliation. This is also for the safety of the defendant and other inmates.

We mentioned that not everyone may be offered bail. For those who are, posting bail is a huge opportunity and it is best to seize that opportunity.

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There is a lot to know about bail bonds but Alpine Bail Bond Store will make the process easy to understand and follow and we promise to be with you every step of the way.