What To Do If You Believe Your Rights Have Been Violated


If you feel like your rights have been violated, you certainly have the right to investigate and file a complaint! The police are supposed to protect rights but occasionally they overstep their authority. If you believe this happened to you, know this:

  • Write down everything you remember
  • Take note of the officer’s name, badge, patrol car numbers
  • Get information and any digital evidence (photos, videos taken on cell phones) from any witnesses
  • Take photographs of any injuries or damages to property
  • Don’t physically resist an officer
  • If there are any security cameras from nearby shops and businesses, you can try asking the owners to see the footage
  • File a written complaint with Internal Affairs. You may do so anonymously if you wish

You should be protecting your rights and if yours are absolutely being violated, do not be ashamed to make a report.

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